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February 23, 2011

{Isn't it Funny??}

Isn't it funny how your life changes as you get older?

Most of you are thinking "duh...of course you change as you get older!"

I mean one's preferences change so much as time moves on. I was just discussing with a fellow co-workier about how I thought I would really love to travel for work. How I thought I would have loved to have my life be the model to the movie "Up In the Air" with George Clooney (wouldn't be too shabby meeting up with him either *wink wink*) and knowing how to make my way through airports like a professional...run off to another city for a quick meeting...

 I thought I would love to work in the heart of the city, in where all the hustle and bustle is present. Where everyone walks or commutes into the city by train... I thought for sure I would be working in an office like our Boston office at BBH where the buildings are so close you can see the guy working in the office building next to yours but he can't see you...

Most of all... I never thought how much I would miss home. What I have learned is that I don't want any of that. Although, its nice to be able to get a taste of this lifestyle I once thought I wanted, I want to go home to D and Dubbs (aka Wendy).

I miss coming home to her being so excited to see me...
I miss going to sleep at night next to D and waking up next to him in the mornings...
I miss seeing my niece and hearing about her exciting first day at preschool
I miss driving a CAR (isn't that crazy??)...

Fortunately just 1 more day left in Beantown all by my lonesome and then its back to home I go... I just can't wait! While I was here though, I did get to visit and taste some of these things (enjoy!!):

Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market - Local vendor market place

Cheers (looks NOTHING like the set... but the set was modeled after this location)

Union Oyster House est. 1826 (longest running restaurant in America)

Fenway Park (Although D is a big Yankees fan, the history here is amazing!

Haaavard Yaaad (Harvard Yard for non Bostonians)- we felt SO intimidated with all the intelligence here :)

Till Later...

February 21, 2011

{Alone...but Together}

It is truly amazing how one's life can impact your own without having ever met them. Through a free spirit who used to work at BBH, but recently quit, I was introduced to Valerie Koop (You can read her blog here). She seems to be the woman/wife/mother/family member/friend/talented artist that I ever imagined. However, as I've been following this beautiful woman, her husband had been losing his battle with cancer. Wayne, her husband, had just lost his battle only 2 weeks ago. I find myself constantly checking on her blog (someone I don't even really know, but I feel like I'm her best friend) to see how she has been doing. Its devastating to hear the pain and mourning she is going through. I can't help myself but to begin thinking how thankful I am that I am not alone.

I just read one of her most recent blog entries about being "Alone" and while I sit here in this boring Hilton hotel in Boston, all by myself, just after D left me to head back to Denver, I too felt alone. Its so hard to put into perspective one being alone as a widow and one feeling alone by literally being alone. It makes me reevaluate my life to know that although I am alone right now. Right this minute. I know that I won't be alone in a few short days. I will get to see my hubby, my beautiful niece, my amazing family and friends and go right back to living my life. While this role model of a woman will still be "alone". So my heart breaks for Mrs. Wayne Koop as she attempts to bring her world back together to shine again as that amazing mother/wife/friend/talented photographer that she knows she can be.

There are amazing people out there...really willing to jump up and help when someone is in need (I need to be more like them). So jump up and send along your prayers to the Koop family and take a look at this great auction being put together to help the Koop family to heal and provide for their needs.

~ Rach

February 14, 2011

New Ventures

Although most people make New Year's resolutions at the beginning of the New year, I made mine as of 02/01/11 (that's still at the beginning of the year right?). I officially made the step to join Weight Watchers to once and for all take control of my health. There are so many things that I want and want to do, but just know my body wouldn't handle it right now.

I have taken over this new challenge with my sweet/hilarious/awesome friend Erin. She said it perfectly when she described her first night starting WW. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the first week she did, but she described the meeting very clearly to me. She said she really liked it...she said it was a bit of an older crowd, but the WW leader was great, and the thing I mostly took away from her was that she had said this time felt different....like she was really in this for the long haul.

I've gone on many different diets (well...attempted them) and they all ended in a very short time. I've been overweight almost my entire life. I played softball...was always a muscular girl, played other sports, even in the nerdy marching band. I look back and realize just how in shape I was back then... those days are long gone and while I know I can't go back to them, I look to the future to be as in just as good of shape if not better. So while my great friend Erin said "this time was different" it really struck a nerve with me. I too feel this time is different. I am constantly looking at what I'm eating and most importantly, I have not yet missed a day of tracking what I'm eating (that's a whopping 14 days already!) Don't they say it takes 3 weeks to make a habit?? I know I'm on the right track to getting where I want to go. As of my first weigh in, 2/8, I am already down 1.2 lbs. While you're thinking "what's the big deal... a whopping 1lb" but I see it as a victory, a loss, on the right path.

So here's to 2011, to a new year and a new me (at least the outside at least)!

~ Rachel