heart in the clouds

December 26, 2012

Blake ~ Month Eight!


I am consistently getting to your monthly blog almost a month late... Why do you think that is?? Could it be that chasing around a 22 pounder Nd being 7 months pregnant has anything to do with it oh and throw in the holidays?? Nah me either :)

Well christmas has come and gone and its hard to believe your first is already over!! You were SUCH a good boy for all 3 Santas even though you know there is only really one :) we hosted Gigi and Daddy Dave and uncle Derek for the first time in the winter and celebrated Xmas early with them!! You got your new favorite thing to climb on from them... A little pottery barn chair just your size! You also got a drum set from uncle Derek and an activity table and sports center from Gigi and Daddy Dave! Anything that you can stand next to are your favorite!

Then we celebrated Xmas AGAIN with your aunt Sarah and cousin Brinlee and Arron and Madison too up in Sterling... By this Xmas you have been pretty spoiled! You got an awesome elephant game from Sarah and Brin and a new farm house from grandma and Peepaw!!

To top it off Santa even brought you a mini train to teach you to walk and of course a camo four-wheeler!! That Santa even spoiled you!

You have been crawling EVERYWHERE! Your newest thing to try us the stairs of course and you've given Wendy's dog bowls a break for now as your more interested in them ha!

Lately due to the lack of time you have been showering with me or daddy in the mornings and you love it... Well except for the hair part :)

You have started saying dada but I still think you say it for everything :) you know what your baba (bottle) is and get excited to have it! We started you at a new daycare on the 18th and you seem to love it and come home exhausted! Ms Tobie wasn't going to be able to take little Brody so we had to switch both of you up. Other than that you are a typical 8 month old and you will probably be walking in the next month or 2!

Love you so much little man!