heart in the clouds

June 10, 2012

Your Second Month

Baby Blake/Blakey/Blaker/B-man,

This month was FULL of firsts for you! You are growing so quickly, your mom and dad hardly remember already what it was like having you so tiny in our arms :) Although you have your 2 month check up on Tuesday (I'm writing this on Sunday), we went to the doctor last week for what I thought might have been thrush and you already weighted 13lbs, 15oz!! Big boy! We couldn't be prouder of the little man you are already becoming! 

Look at the list of all of the first things you've done this month!

* You started SMILING! It just melts my heart when you wake up in the morning with a big grin on your face :) I can't wait to hear you laugh!
* You found your thumb!!! Most days you won't let go of your tight fist to suck on your thumb, so you end up sucking on your entire fist :) Mommy was changing your diaper one morning at Gigi & Daddy Dave's and this is what I saw!

* You had your first big road trip all the way to Virginia! That means you've already visited 8 states in these short 2 months of your life! Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia! You were reallllly good driving out there as you were only a measly 5 weeks old, but on the way back you wanted NOTHING to do with that car seat! We'll fill you in on that trip when you get older...it was DEFINITELY an adventure for your parents :)

* You met some of the best people in your life for the first time! Gigi (your dad's Mamma), DD (short for Daddy Dave, your Dad's Daddy), and D (short for Derek, your Dad's brother)! We are just TERRIBLE parents and took very few pictures of you with them...WHAT were we thinking?? Don't worry though, they will be out here again when you turn 3 months and we'll be sure to get several then! You also met all of your Daddy's extended family... Grandma Peggy, Pop Thompson, Aunt Bernie, Aunt Annette & Uncle David, Aunt Pam and Uncle Chuck and they ALL said "Look at that HA-IR" ( it is pronounced in 2 syllables in the south HA!)

* You stayed away from Mommy and Daddy for the longest since you were born...we knew you were in good hands with Gigi & Daddy Dave, but it was hard being away from you for 3 whole days!

* You visited the beach for the first time ever! You LOVED the ocean breeze and slept on the lounge chair the entire time we were out there. I loved your little red, white and blue swim trunks :) 

* You began sleeping on your stomache...who knew thats how you loved to sleep the most?!

* You went to your very first concert, the Heartbeat band out at Southlands...mommy and daddy will probably go there for years to come (it's cheap entertainment...you'll understand that some day).

You are growing up just so quickly and I'm glad that we will have this to look back on someday to reflect on just how little you were even though you already seem so big to us. You are chuggin along in your growth (look, you're about the same size as your buddy Bricyn (neighbor) and he is 2 months older than you! I'm sure you will be outgrowing this carrier soon too, or at least mommy carrying you!

We love you to the moon and back!
Mommy & Daddy