heart in the clouds

February 20, 2013

10?! Where Did My Baby Go??


Where has the time gone?? I've found myself lately several times going back and reminiscing through your newborn photos... the look in our eyes when we first met you, JUST how teeny tiny you were...and all of the sudden you're 10 months old! Where did the time go?!

You are constantly cruisin... you crawl as fast if not faster than I can walk. However lately I'm not THAT fast with your little/big brother inside of me :) You find it hilarious to crawl into the bathroom and are FASCINATED with the toilet paper! You love to crawl up the stairs, but still haven't quite mastered how to get back down them. You think its a game to get to the top and its just so adorable!


We've got a pretty good routine down these days...you're sleeping at least 10 hours a night again...lets hope that sticks around ok?? You have 6, a whopping 6, teeth! Your little fangs on the top came in first then your two front teeth decided to make their appearance. Man I could DEFINITELY do without the teething pain. Its so hard to see you hurting but not much I can do to really soothe the pain. You refuse to eat much "baby food", which was super convenient considering we had JUST purchased an entire case at Sam's HA! You want anything and everything that you can pick up on your little highchair tray. You LOVE yogurt melts (toddler food), puffs, eggs and toast and yogurt! And THANK goodness I'm not alone in this house you LOVE olives and pickles! That is something that Daddy's side of the family wants nothing to do with :) Glad you're on my side for that one baby! You have learned to waive bye-bye and "how big is Blake...SOOOO Big!"



You love anything and everything that moves... which means EVERY drawer, cabinet, fridge, dishwasher when its open, the washer/dryer, etc... the second you hear a cupboard opening up you come screeching around then corner on all fours :) You've even taken the liberty of being our big helper (by helper I mean helping to dirty up the house NOT clean it up HA!) with the dishes. It looks like you're truly helping in these pictures, but really... you're throwing the dishes OUT not IN silly!


You have mastered the one handed bottle hold...and still LOVE going to sleep with a blanket :) Our routine lately has been for me to feed you in the chair downstairs, you fall asleep and then daddy takes you upstairs. I just can't hardly carry you AND your brother up the stairs or get out of the rocker in your room while holding you. My belly just doesn't bend that way lately :)


You've been SUCH a good sport helping mommy and daddy get ready for your baby brother! You spend LOTS of time in his new room and love to bang on his new bookcases. We can't wait for you two to be best buds! Speaking of...it should be any day now!

We sure love you more than words can say... this month has definitely been the hardest between me and your daddy. Daddy is in class 3 days a week, which means I am your single parent for 3 whole complete days... its not THAT much, but it is hard! He had such a hard time adjusting for that first week when he didn't see you for 3 whole days straight. All he wanted to do was wake you up when he got home or got up in the morning just to spend that few minutes with you. Its only temporary but you are SO happy to see him when he gets home. You two are definitely buds :)



Everyone that ever meets you can't get over how happy of a baby you are... and you are! You are a heartbreaker... I mean just check OUT that cute smile  :)


Love you to pieces! XOXO

Mamma (STILL haven't heard THAT from you yet :)) & Daddy