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August 26, 2012

Month Four ~ Well Traveled Little Man

Blake (aka Peanut, Bubba, Buddy, Blakey),

You're mom is TOTAL slacker and well month four came a bit later than it should have :) I am officially 16 days past your 4 month birthday. You will have to forgive me as we have started a WHOLE new routine and still trying to squeeze all the things I'd like to do in, while working full time, and trying to run our household. Unfortunately, it was your little blog that was put on hold this month. I promise to be a little more punctual next month!

Looking back at your fourth month as a little man, you did SO much! There are new firsts all over the place.

Check out that ha-ir (as they say in Virginia HA!) We had just given you a bath and then you fell asleep on your wet hair. HAHA

First of all, you are getting SO big!! You had your official 4 month checkup with nurse Kara Scholle and well you are still a growing boy, which is good! You were a whopping 16lbs 13oz! Definitely pushing that 17lb mark. The good news is you were in the 97th percentile at your 2 month appointment, but you have fallen back to the 90th percentile, which is OK! Don't worry...we're still feeding you like crazy and you're still spitting up like crazy :) You were 25.5 inches long (75th percentile). Needless to say you are doing just swell in the growth department!

The DAY before you turned exactly 4 months old you rolled over all on your own. It was pretty funny because we had been wanting to experience this milestone with you all along, and well your daddy was in the bathroom and totally missed it :) He was SO bummed, but you are a professional at it now and prefer looking around the room on your tummy! Now you wake up in your crib with your little turtle head looking around the room...it is the cutest (unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it...).
You even love to be on your tummy on Daddy's tummy HA!
We layed you on the floor to get your bottle ready... on your back and we turned around and here you were just chillin on your tummy :)

Mommy and Daddy definitely had our first this month. Mommy had to go back to work. I have to say that I literally had tears in my eyes driving the whole way to work. I was all choked up when I dropped you off, but managed to stay strong at miss Tobie's house, but the second I got back in the car I totally cried. I'm sure it was a mixture of things of course, but first off I didn't want to leave you...we had spent EVERY single day for 15 weeks together!! But at the same time I didn't want to go back to work either. I'm pretty sure some of those tears were for you and some were for me :) A dear friend sent me the cutest little bouquet of flowers on my first day back to cheer me up...it made my day. Thanks Cynthia!

You SMILE SMILE SMILE all the time! Everyone that ever holds you or spends time with you says how easy going you are. You don't cry when others hold you (yet), you always smile at everyone who says "he is SOOOO cute!!", and you really only cry when you want something (diaper changed, sleep, food). You are definitely becoming more playful! Daddy loves holding you above his head saying "SUPER BLAKEEEE" and you just think its hilarious!

Peepaw LOVES to get you to smile. This was at Lil Ricci's Pizzeria (best pizza in town!)

You took your first trip up to a 14er (a mountain over 14,000 feet, which there are a lot of in Colorado). We went up to Pikes Peak and well every sign told us not to go... we didn't have a half tank of gas in the car... the sign said not recommended for under 4 months (this was JUST before you turned 4 months old). Needless to say, we drove an hour to get there, so we just went ahead anyways. I think we got up to mile 7 of the trail and you were crying because your ears hurt from the altitude...terrible parents! Not to mention we were worried about running out of gas. So we turned around and drove back home. Unsuccessful trip, but we'll go some other time!

This was the view from the entrance to Pikes Peak. There was recently the most destructive fire in Colorado just across from the entrance, you can see all the burned trees.
You finally went to the pool for the first time and you loved it!! Of course it was a small part of you in the water but you loved it. We've also taken you out of the bath seat during bath time and you just splish splash all over the place. It is definitely quite comical :)

Overall, month four was very entertaining for both Mommy and Daddy and we hope for you. Every time we look at you, you just seem to get bigger and bigger!

Love you to the moon and back little Peanut! Happy 4 month Birthday!!

(I couldn't pick just one picture for your 4 month birthday photo shoot, so I put a few up. They are all just too cute!!)

XOXO Mommy & Daddy