heart in the clouds

April 20, 2015

After Two Comes 3!

The late winter/spring time has proved to be a busy time for the Mitchell's as the boys' birthdays are back to back. Yeah yeah...its our fault I know :)

For Blake's birthday Gigi and DD were back in town and even Brinlee was in town so we decided to go to the Zoo for his special day and see every animal we could. His favorite is for sure the monkeys and the elephants! After a fun {exhausting} day at the zoo we opened presents and had cake with family and some close friends from the neighborhood. 

I know what you're thinking...you JUST said you didn't DO birthday parties at this young of an age...and yes you are right; however, because we were so lucky to have Gigi and DD in town we also decided to do a gender reveal for Mitchell's littlest peanut. You know its the third baby...might as well go out with a bang! Check back for the gender reveal post! SO that is why we had some more friends over than usual....but regardless we had a fun day as family and surrounded this little firecracker with L.O.V.E!


April 5, 2015

Can't Forget Daddy's Birthday!

Ok so Dustin seriously thinks he doesn't "count" anymore since the boys birthdays are right near his HA! Little does he know that his is just as if not more important! After all the boys wouldn't be here without him {he definitely tries to remind them of that daily!}

So what did we do for daddy?? We jumped in the car to go to his fav breakfast place... Cracker Barrel, which happens to be 45 minutes from our house. Then we did an impromptu drive up to Pikes Peak. Got some great shots of daddy-o with the boys. 

Its funny how as you get older your priorities change and this was the perfect kind of birthday he wanted. It actually felt good to be "spontaneous" again :)