heart in the clouds

July 11, 2012

Month Three ~ All Smiles!

Bubba (that is your newest nickname from Daddy and me),

It never gets old, but really, you are growing WAY too fast!! We had your 2 month appointment just after your 2 month birthday and you were already a whopping 14.3 lbs! You were in the 95th percentile for weight and at 23.25 in, you were in the 80th percentile for length. What REALLY surprised us is that as big as your daddy's noggin (head) is, yours isn't bigger, as you were in the 50th percentile for your head circumference. Maybe you got your mommy's smaller head and more compact and smarter brain huh?? :) With that said, who KNOWS where you are at on your big 3 month birthday. It is funny because when your daddy talks about you to friends he refers to your age as a "12 week-year old. HA! Cracks me up every time!

You had LOTS of firsts again this month... you just learn so much every day and with every day I feel like you are growing up more and more when we look at you. Your dad can never get enough smiles out of you and giggles every time you smile at him.

You constantly kick, kick, kick! You're going to be a mover and a shaker son :) You LOVE your tummy play mat as you can now reach the toys and grip them with your hands. You even like to eat them. I have a feeling some of those little teefers are not too far ahead!
This was what I came home to on my first night out with the ladies. Daddy was in charge of bath night and this is what your hair ended up as :) LOVE this picture of you little man!

You are starting to actually LAUGH! Sometimes I'm rocking you to sleep and you look up at me with that big smile that melts my heart and I can't help but giggle at you, but what makes me REALLY laugh is when you start giggling back. I guess me laughing uncontrollably and shaking at you laughing at me, makes you laugh more :) PS...this definitely makes it harder to quiet you down for bedtime :)

You are officially on a "schedule"! Although, I'm sure this will change soon, you are sleeping 8-9 hours through the night! Typically, you take a long 3-4 hour nap in the early afternoon, but only cat nap in the mornings. I guess you feel like you're going to miss something if you close your eyes after having  slept for 8 hours already :)

You went to your first camping trip!! Mommy and Daddy are crazy and bought a new camper trailer...really this was all for you buddy :) Our thinking was that it would be easier to camp with you in it, now it is essentially a second home. You will be doing LOTS of camping trips in this thing. Funny thing though, the ONLY the we forgot on our entire trip was your pack n' play. We had to have you sleep in bed with us!

You made it through your very first July 4th!! America's birthday! You will learn that daddy is very passionate about this holiday :) We went to your buddy Jimmy's house (he is a month and a half older than you!) and hung out with the neighbors. You were stylin in all 2 of your July 4th outfits... mommy even had you try on your sweet sunglasses aunt Sarah got you :) You also played with your other neighbor buddy, Bricyn! I have a feeling you all will grown up to be friends!

You're holding your head up more now! You're like a little "turtle" as Gigi says :) She has been trying to teach you to roll over each day since they've come to visit you for your 3rd month birthday. You sure love your grandparents! By holding your head up more, you are learning to use your legs more and can stand up when being held! You are also learning to sit up in your "dumbo" chair as I call it (it's actually bumbo, but as you can see by the look on your face that is where the nickname comes from HA!).

I'm sure there are MANY many more firsts that you are up to, but these are a few to name. Hope you look back on these some day and see how cute you were! Everyone says you are SUCH a happy baby and that you are just adorable...not to mention that smile melts EVERYONES hearts! Can't wait to see the road ahead, but definitely cherishing the time now as I know how quickly it is going. Mommy will be back to work by your 4th birthday and it kills me to think that all this precious time spent with you each day will be over...well at least the large amounts of time.

Love you to pieces Bubba! Happy 13 week-year old birthday! (aka 3 months!!)

Mommy and Daddy