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April 23, 2013

The Big ONE!


Blakester/Blakey/Bubba/Big Bubba/Big B/B1,

I can hardly believe it is your first birthday! We have had such a fun year together, watching you grow, learn every little thing!

We are still seeing all sorts of firsts every month and it is so special to see you discovering the world on your own too!

Here are SEVERAL pictures from your first birthday party! We had a vintage circus themed birthday. You would never know it, but your dad gave me some serious heck for putting up a fake circus tent in the house. You wouldn't know it because that next morning after we had put it up and he brought you downstairs you were in awe of his fine craftsmanship and had THE BIGGEST smile on your face. He immediately turned to me and said every bit of fuss was worth seeing you happy :) That pretty much sums up everything we do for you little man...to make YOU happy! We had several of your closest family members, even Gigi and Daddy Dave from Virginia, and friends at your party. All of these people have been around LONG before you were even a twinkle little man :) The pictures will surely show all that went on that day :)

Granted this is a few days before your actual birthday, so mommy and daddy gave you your special 1 year old presents on your actual birthday :) You LOVED them! Here are a few pics of your sweet new ride! AND you got your first big boy toddler dishes :)

Mommy has known these ladies for a long long time!

You were NOT wanting to do cake...in fact you wanted a nap :)

but the second your neighbor Cailee stuck some frosting in your mouth the rest was history :)

Even Wendybird was trying to get a lick :) You love sharing with her!

What an evil cupcake face :)

Happy Birthday little man!

I wanted to document each month... as you can see after December I got lazy and did not buy a new calendar :) Its ok though...you're still pretty cute!

My favorite!

That right there...in the distance is the circus tent Daddy HATED building :)

To top off your birthday, I could tell you weren't feeling well after your nap before the party...and well it progressively got worse. We took you to the urgent care and turns out you had a double ear infection AND pink eye in both eyes :( Had to disinfect the entire house but most importantly take care of you. Here is your aunt Jessica holding you while we waited for your prescription.

You came in after school to see your new wheels :)

Daddy Dave & Gigi got you this awesome Radio Flyer wagon :) There is a tradition in Daddy Dave's family that all the boys get one...aren't you lucky!

Just to add a couple other things from the big month 12...

You had your very first trip to the zoo!! You LOVED seeing the cheetah walk across the cage and you LOVE the fish. You are definitely wanting to walk everywhere and its getting harder and harder to have you in the little stroller :)

Some little things... 

~You LOVE your "moo moo" (cow) and drag it around with you everywhere :) 
~You LOVE bananas...they are by far your food of choice, next of course is gold fish :) You are definitely giving mommy a hard time in the kitchen finding things you really like!
~You moved up to the big boy toddler room at daycare. It is so good to see you growing up but yet so sad that just a few short months ago you were so little in our arms :)
~You LOVE the outside...every minute you get you want to go out there. In your new toddler room you get time outside...you do a great job per your teachers but you like to eat the wood chips HA!
~You say dada, ight (light), baba, and are starting to say mama. But you know several words such as Brody...baby brother, kisses, you like to blow and give open mouth kisses HA!
~You are a whopping 25lbs! WHOA boy slow down!

Hopefully this next year will be full of so many more firsts. First off is your first surgery to get tubes put in your ears and your adenoids removed. We're hoping this will keep you well and ear infection free (you've had 10 since October!)

We love you so so much little man! Happy 1st Birthday!

Mamma and Dada