heart in the clouds

February 28, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Brody Jack!

Brody Bear's 2nd birthday went off without a hitch. Dustin and I firmly believe in celebrating these early years close to family and not as much friends. It is just SO much work to get everything set up for a party, its expensive and while we will have photos to forever remember the event, we want it meaningful for the boys. The boys just need to be surrounded by love in these early years :)

For Brody's 2nd birthday we did a family outing to Build A Bear where he picked out his "birthday bear". It sings this REALLY cute birthday song and he LOVES it! Blake chose an elephant! After some stuffing fun, we had a fun lunch at Red Robin with our family that was thankfully in town and later in the evening celebrated with cake and ice cream and opening presents.

Where is the cake and ice cream you ask??? Brody SOMEthing made you SO upset that we couldn't even sing happy birthday to you hardly and eventually you calmed down enough to eat some cake. This could explain why I didn't get any pictures :) Maybe when you turn 3 you won't be afraid of your birthday song/cake :)