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May 20, 2013

With Two Comes Trouble!

What I've learned so far being a parent of twins (the Irish kind of course)...

1. The THOUGHT of having another child right now SCARES the living twosies out of me  :) Since we have two boys, everyone insists on us trying for a girl... give me at LEAST 5 years and I'll consider  it. HA! I mean I was practically pregnant for 2 years straight people! This uterus needs a break!

2. Having one child is expensive... but two and right at the same age just MAGNIFIES it! I can't believe the amount of money we spend to feed and allow them to mess some diapers costs! It is robbery...and while there are other options... you know generic formulas/diapers/cloth diapers... I just remind myself its temporary!

3. ALWAYS be prepared. I swear we have a checklist in our minds before even leaving the house. This obviously happened after our "doctor" incident when Blake was first born HA!

4. No matter how close in age these little ones are, unless they are actually identical twins, they are TOTALLY different! They don't even look alike aside from being brothers :) Their labors were different, their schedules are totally different, and of course their personalities are totally different. While Blake barfed on just about anything with a clean shirt or pants, Brody's gag reflex works MUCH better than Blake's, but he is STILL a sloppy eater and gets more on his shirt than down his throat  HA! Maybe that's why he doesn't spit up??

5. I have learned to carry Blake out of daycare, holding 2 backpacks, a car seat with another baby (Brody of course) in it, his blanket, and any artwork made that day ALL in one trip :) Just call me super mom!? I guess it is because I don't want to make like 5 trips... on a side note...you CAN'T leave your newborn baby in the car at the daycare while you RUN in (like 3.7 minutes) to get your toddler or else you get several dirty looks and not to mention the paranoia that someone is turning you in behind you  :) Hello...do THEY have an extra hand I can use??

6. The youngest definitely learns the daily routine schedule MUCH quicker than the eldest. Although sometimes I wish they wouldn't have...it is hard trying to feed Brody when Blake is tired and wants me to hold him and doesn't understand that you CAN'T stand on the baby! I've learned to have to use EVERYTHING as a resource...bouncer...boppy... stuffed giraffe that Blake lays on now when he wants to cuddle next to me and I can't hold him.

7. We no longer have room in our car...which is funny because we purposefully got the GMC Acadia knowing we would eventually have 2 little ones and with the third row it can accommodate more than other cars... WRONG! It is nearly impossible to get in that stupid third row with the other car seats in there unless you are 6 and 65lbs like my niece...trust me I've tried! We've had to try and figure out our plan of action just getting all 4 of us to the airport without having to keep our car in a lot for 2 weeks! It is going to take an act of God to get us there on time for our flight in June :)

8. Before you sit down ... run through the ENTIRE house to "baby proof" each room to ensure the eldest isn't getting into something he shouldn't...our checklist is something like this

Put the gate up at the bottom of the stairs
Shut the doors to the laundry room, pantry and bathroom...what will we do when he learns to OPEN a door??
Put the dog bowls up
Put the diapers and wipes caddy up
Unplug the baby swing (he loves to pull out that stinking electrical cord!)

and THEN...we can sit down and feed one baby while the other one screams for attention :)

9. Even with two people, the babies STILL want their mamma...so even though Dustin is doing his part  in looking after one, its just not enough sometimes :(

10. I wouldn't change it for the world....Just remind myself it is ONLY TEMPORARY! Before I know it they will be all grown up, the best of friends and thankfully out of diapers, formula and bottles all in a short span of time :)

Lets see what the next year brings...after all it has only been 2.5 months of having "twins" HA!


Brody ~ 2 Months Old!!

 I guess this is what happens with two little ones...sorry Brody for being 2.5 months late now :( If it makes you feel any better I wrote the below when you just turned 2 months old :)

Brody/Brodster/Little Bubba/Peanut/B2,

You are just TOO cute! We haven't had a chance to put up your first month blog, so today's includes both! You are growing just as you should and are getting a personality more and more each day. So far in this short short time you've been with us, you have already done so much!!

*Been to the zoo already!
*Been to the gym to walk around the track with mommy!
*Visited Grandma and Peepaw
*Been to the doctor for what we thought was pink eye already!

*Saw Gigi & Daddy Dave for big bro's birthday party!

Your daddy and I feel like we're pros taking care of you little ones nowadays! I have to say I was most terrified to think of how life would be taking care of you and your big brother all by myself when daddy was at work or school. It surprisingly has been smooth...probably because I had tried to prepare myself for the worst and plan plan plan! Its amazing how strong I am somedays carrying you in your carseat AND your brother in the other arm, with two diaper bags on my back!

You seem to be molding into your brothers routine just fine and are already sleeping pretty good through the night! I think we're down to 1 feeding at night YAY! I'm hoping you'll take the hint from your brother that its ok to sleep all the way through the night you know :)

Daddy and I always like to go out to eat, but I have to say...packing up stuff for the two of you is EXHAUSTING! We just remind ourselves that its only temporary and soon right before our eyes you will already be so grown up :(. Speaking of...that moment we first held you little peanut...we forgot JUST how little you new babies are! It just melts our heart :)

We can't wait to see the little man that you are becoming! We love you SO SO much Brody!


Mommy & Daddy






April 23, 2013

The Big ONE!


Blakester/Blakey/Bubba/Big Bubba/Big B/B1,

I can hardly believe it is your first birthday! We have had such a fun year together, watching you grow, learn every little thing!

We are still seeing all sorts of firsts every month and it is so special to see you discovering the world on your own too!

Here are SEVERAL pictures from your first birthday party! We had a vintage circus themed birthday. You would never know it, but your dad gave me some serious heck for putting up a fake circus tent in the house. You wouldn't know it because that next morning after we had put it up and he brought you downstairs you were in awe of his fine craftsmanship and had THE BIGGEST smile on your face. He immediately turned to me and said every bit of fuss was worth seeing you happy :) That pretty much sums up everything we do for you little man...to make YOU happy! We had several of your closest family members, even Gigi and Daddy Dave from Virginia, and friends at your party. All of these people have been around LONG before you were even a twinkle little man :) The pictures will surely show all that went on that day :)

Granted this is a few days before your actual birthday, so mommy and daddy gave you your special 1 year old presents on your actual birthday :) You LOVED them! Here are a few pics of your sweet new ride! AND you got your first big boy toddler dishes :)

Mommy has known these ladies for a long long time!

You were NOT wanting to do cake...in fact you wanted a nap :)

but the second your neighbor Cailee stuck some frosting in your mouth the rest was history :)

Even Wendybird was trying to get a lick :) You love sharing with her!

What an evil cupcake face :)

Happy Birthday little man!

I wanted to document each month... as you can see after December I got lazy and did not buy a new calendar :) Its ok though...you're still pretty cute!

My favorite!

That right there...in the distance is the circus tent Daddy HATED building :)

To top off your birthday, I could tell you weren't feeling well after your nap before the party...and well it progressively got worse. We took you to the urgent care and turns out you had a double ear infection AND pink eye in both eyes :( Had to disinfect the entire house but most importantly take care of you. Here is your aunt Jessica holding you while we waited for your prescription.

You came in after school to see your new wheels :)

Daddy Dave & Gigi got you this awesome Radio Flyer wagon :) There is a tradition in Daddy Dave's family that all the boys get one...aren't you lucky!

Just to add a couple other things from the big month 12...

You had your very first trip to the zoo!! You LOVED seeing the cheetah walk across the cage and you LOVE the fish. You are definitely wanting to walk everywhere and its getting harder and harder to have you in the little stroller :)

Some little things... 

~You LOVE your "moo moo" (cow) and drag it around with you everywhere :) 
~You LOVE bananas...they are by far your food of choice, next of course is gold fish :) You are definitely giving mommy a hard time in the kitchen finding things you really like!
~You moved up to the big boy toddler room at daycare. It is so good to see you growing up but yet so sad that just a few short months ago you were so little in our arms :)
~You LOVE the outside...every minute you get you want to go out there. In your new toddler room you get time outside...you do a great job per your teachers but you like to eat the wood chips HA!
~You say dada, ight (light), baba, and are starting to say mama. But you know several words such as Brody...baby brother, kisses, you like to blow and give open mouth kisses HA!
~You are a whopping 25lbs! WHOA boy slow down!

Hopefully this next year will be full of so many more firsts. First off is your first surgery to get tubes put in your ears and your adenoids removed. We're hoping this will keep you well and ear infection free (you've had 10 since October!)

We love you so so much little man! Happy 1st Birthday!

Mamma and Dada

March 11, 2013

Way Too Close to 1 Year! ~ Blake 11 Months

Blake/Blakey/Bubba/Big B/Big Bubba/Monster/Mr. Bull,

As you can see your nicknames are getting LONGER :) The Big Bubba comes from being a BIG BROTHER now!!! Can you believe it!? Your parents sure can't :) haha! We have been so used to calling you bubba and now we ask about "bubba" and we catch ourselves saying "big or little bubba" when referring to your or your brother :) That is also where Big B comes from...as opposed to Brody who is Little B. Monster is because you are into EVERYTHING and are walking now and needless to say it is hard to keep up after a monster! Bull because when you crawl you crawl with your head down like a bull would run in a rodeo. HA You can thank Grandma and Peepaw Hall for that one!

My oh My you are getting SO big!! Unfortunately we've been to the doctor a few more times than we'd like to and so I KNOW you weigh about 24lbs! You are NOT chunky son, you are just solid and ALL boy! We think its hilarious that you weigh nearly half of the weight of your 6 year old cousin! I have a feeling you are going to be a strong boy :) Speaking of the doctor, your ears apparently do NOT like to drain and well we've been faced with our 4th ear infection in 4 months :( Poor little man! We will be seeing the ENT here in a week or so to see what they think of all of this!

You were sicky here running a 103 temp :( Poor bubba!

You have been SO much fun to watch this last month as you get bigger and bigger. You CONSTANTLY want to eat your own food...forget feeding you anything! You just recently learned how to eat the squeeze apple sauce! You thought you were pretty cool :) You have quite the appetite....you LOVE chicken..not so much hot dogs anymore... LOVE steamed veggies, you can't get enough of them! You LOVE all kinds of fruit it seems and nilla waffers!

You are walking just about everywhere now. You can pretty much make it from the family room to the office (probably about 20 feet) without falling down! You are still what we like to call a "drunk" baby walker though :). I'm sure you'll have it down by your first birthday! Here are some fun videos of you walking...here, here and here. As videos come up, feel free to check them out on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/mitchell81409.

You have 6 teeth still, although I'm pretty sure those first year molars are on their way in because you are constantly holding your mouth and your ears...although it could be those dang ear infections too! Everyone can't get enough of your big blue eyes and just how much you are a mini Dustin/Daddy.

Your biggest life event was becoming a big brother this past month!! I'm pretty sure you had an incling about a baby coming as you would feel mommy's belly when I was pregnant, but when we ask you where your baby brother is, you immediately look to Brody. It is ADORABLE! Usually you get this shy smile on your face when we ask you and either your plotting for how to beat him up later or you already love your baby brother :) You like to take his pacifier and his hats and his blankets and if you see a bottle of his, you think its yours...even though HIS formula will make your tummy sick but you dont think about that! I can't wait to see the relationship you two develop over the months/years to come... I hope you love him and look out for him like any big brother would do :)

Who's under there?!

Heartbreaker...this outfit I found on Etsy for Valentine's day and HAD to have it :) WAY too cute! All the teachers at daycare LOVED it and couldn't get over how cute you were/are!

You had your first happy meal...and go figure they gave you a princess crown :) I'm sure you will kill us one day for taking this picture :)

Aunt Jessica brought you back your VERY own Mickey Mouse ears and doll from Disney World!! You LOVE them :)

Here is mini Dustin :)

Haven't figured out how to make myself move on this thing, but I love getting on and off of it and pushing it around.

Photo booth with mommy!

Mommy and Daddy love you SO SO much! Before you know it you will have a big age of 1!!