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November 26, 2012

Blake ~ Month S.E.V.E.N

Blakey/ Blake/ Bubba,

As I am writing this, we are trying to be "strong" parents by getting you to be a weee bit more independent...that being said you are up in your crib raising hell because you're not ready for bed. As I told your daddy...I think we've created a monster :) Since you're at Miss Tobie's all day every day except the weekends, we LOVE cuddling with you when you're sleepy...but NOW you won't go to bed on your own! Tough love I tell ya...it brings tears to my eyes to hear you cry...and your dad, he also has a hard time just letting you cry. No one wants to see bubba sad!!

This is how you like to sleep in our room...just like Daddy :)

This month you've grown like a weed! You are eating more and more "real" food...you're facial expressions are the best! Every texture and food is different, but one thing you REALLY loved was Grandma's pumpkin pie from your first Thanksgiving :) You cried when there wasn't anymore left HA!

Your cousin Macie...she LOVED holding you :)

Not only are you crawling everywhere...still mainly to Wendy's dog bowls... but you are now pulling yourself up! I even remember the conversation with your daddy. It went something like:

me - he's going to pull himself right out of that crib with how strong he is!
Daddy - I know... we need to lower the crib
me - lets do that tonight before he goes to bed...

Well needless to say that didn't happen and where did mommy find you in the morning?!?!! Behind the door! You got RIGHT out of there (I try not to think of exactly how you managed to do it)! So needless to say, the VERY next day your crib was lowered and well you haven't been able to get out just yet... its only a matter of time :)  HERE is the video of you first learning to stand up in your crib.

First we found out what the drawers do...
Then we found out how to climb on them...

Then we found out how to stand and look in the toy bin!

Then we stood in the crib!

Then we get up at the table ALL by ourself!
You're crawling everywhere, so we've had to make a "baby jail" as we call it. Its not quite jail considering EVERY toy you have is in there and you play for quite some time. We're mean parents I know...but you're pretty cute when you peak over the edge of the baby jail :)

You had your very first Halloween!! You were just the CUTEST little elephant and the Mitchell 3 Ring circus wouldn't have been complete without you :)

Still haven't said many words, although you are VERY alert when Wendy is in the room...you LOVE peek-a-boo! You have 3 whole teeth (2 bottom and 1 on top) and I'm sure there are plenty more coming in based on all that drool! You are getting more and more daring... now when you're standing up you decide to let go! There have already been a couple of bumps and bruises but I'm sure that's just the first of many!

Can't wait for your very first Christmas little man! Love you to pieces!

~Mommy & Daddy!

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