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November 4, 2012

We've Been Busy!

As some/most know... we are officially crazy and are expecting our second little one already :) Little Mitch is due March 12th, which seems to be going by pretty quickly! Just wanted to give everyone an update that we've found out we're having ANOTHER little boy!! Its just crazy to think I'm going to be outnumbered. Dustin even feels bad and considered trying for a third someday haha... we'll see how bad these two take us through the ringer first.

Lil Mitch has been given a name! Brody Jack Mitchell. This name is just as important to us as mr. Blake, but this time it pays tribute to my late grandfather Floyd "Jack" Hall. This was my dad's dad and really the only grandfather I had growing up. So it was easy for us to pick a role model for Lil' Mitch's name. Brody doesn't have any significance within our family directly, but D and I just really liked the name...AND it just so happened to work out that Brody is also 5 letters just like BLAKE! It is ALSO another B name and well both sides of our family have ALL "B" name grandchildren so that is kind of fun!

Since we have been so busy watching Blake scoot, crawl, and roll just about everywhere now, we haven't done as much planning as we did with Blake. For right now we're just planning to baby proof the house before Blake shows us exactly WHAT needs baby proofing :) The good news is, it is another boy and well we already have most things! I'm anxious to start planning for ANOTHER nursery...still hard to imagine and think about! But I have some ideas up my sleeve and well since having Blake and it still so fresh in my mind, there are definitely some things I'd do differently in Brody's room. Stay tuned to find out :)

Look forward to keeping you all updated on our craziness!


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