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May 20, 2013

With Two Comes Trouble!

What I've learned so far being a parent of twins (the Irish kind of course)...

1. The THOUGHT of having another child right now SCARES the living twosies out of me  :) Since we have two boys, everyone insists on us trying for a girl... give me at LEAST 5 years and I'll consider  it. HA! I mean I was practically pregnant for 2 years straight people! This uterus needs a break!

2. Having one child is expensive... but two and right at the same age just MAGNIFIES it! I can't believe the amount of money we spend to feed and allow them to mess some diapers costs! It is robbery...and while there are other options... you know generic formulas/diapers/cloth diapers... I just remind myself its temporary!

3. ALWAYS be prepared. I swear we have a checklist in our minds before even leaving the house. This obviously happened after our "doctor" incident when Blake was first born HA!

4. No matter how close in age these little ones are, unless they are actually identical twins, they are TOTALLY different! They don't even look alike aside from being brothers :) Their labors were different, their schedules are totally different, and of course their personalities are totally different. While Blake barfed on just about anything with a clean shirt or pants, Brody's gag reflex works MUCH better than Blake's, but he is STILL a sloppy eater and gets more on his shirt than down his throat  HA! Maybe that's why he doesn't spit up??

5. I have learned to carry Blake out of daycare, holding 2 backpacks, a car seat with another baby (Brody of course) in it, his blanket, and any artwork made that day ALL in one trip :) Just call me super mom!? I guess it is because I don't want to make like 5 trips... on a side note...you CAN'T leave your newborn baby in the car at the daycare while you RUN in (like 3.7 minutes) to get your toddler or else you get several dirty looks and not to mention the paranoia that someone is turning you in behind you  :) Hello...do THEY have an extra hand I can use??

6. The youngest definitely learns the daily routine schedule MUCH quicker than the eldest. Although sometimes I wish they wouldn't have...it is hard trying to feed Brody when Blake is tired and wants me to hold him and doesn't understand that you CAN'T stand on the baby! I've learned to have to use EVERYTHING as a resource...bouncer...boppy... stuffed giraffe that Blake lays on now when he wants to cuddle next to me and I can't hold him.

7. We no longer have room in our car...which is funny because we purposefully got the GMC Acadia knowing we would eventually have 2 little ones and with the third row it can accommodate more than other cars... WRONG! It is nearly impossible to get in that stupid third row with the other car seats in there unless you are 6 and 65lbs like my niece...trust me I've tried! We've had to try and figure out our plan of action just getting all 4 of us to the airport without having to keep our car in a lot for 2 weeks! It is going to take an act of God to get us there on time for our flight in June :)

8. Before you sit down ... run through the ENTIRE house to "baby proof" each room to ensure the eldest isn't getting into something he shouldn't...our checklist is something like this

Put the gate up at the bottom of the stairs
Shut the doors to the laundry room, pantry and bathroom...what will we do when he learns to OPEN a door??
Put the dog bowls up
Put the diapers and wipes caddy up
Unplug the baby swing (he loves to pull out that stinking electrical cord!)

and THEN...we can sit down and feed one baby while the other one screams for attention :)

9. Even with two people, the babies STILL want their mamma...so even though Dustin is doing his part  in looking after one, its just not enough sometimes :(

10. I wouldn't change it for the world....Just remind myself it is ONLY TEMPORARY! Before I know it they will be all grown up, the best of friends and thankfully out of diapers, formula and bottles all in a short span of time :)

Lets see what the next year brings...after all it has only been 2.5 months of having "twins" HA!


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