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May 20, 2013

Brody ~ 2 Months Old!!

 I guess this is what happens with two little ones...sorry Brody for being 2.5 months late now :( If it makes you feel any better I wrote the below when you just turned 2 months old :)

Brody/Brodster/Little Bubba/Peanut/B2,

You are just TOO cute! We haven't had a chance to put up your first month blog, so today's includes both! You are growing just as you should and are getting a personality more and more each day. So far in this short short time you've been with us, you have already done so much!!

*Been to the zoo already!
*Been to the gym to walk around the track with mommy!
*Visited Grandma and Peepaw
*Been to the doctor for what we thought was pink eye already!

*Saw Gigi & Daddy Dave for big bro's birthday party!

Your daddy and I feel like we're pros taking care of you little ones nowadays! I have to say I was most terrified to think of how life would be taking care of you and your big brother all by myself when daddy was at work or school. It surprisingly has been smooth...probably because I had tried to prepare myself for the worst and plan plan plan! Its amazing how strong I am somedays carrying you in your carseat AND your brother in the other arm, with two diaper bags on my back!

You seem to be molding into your brothers routine just fine and are already sleeping pretty good through the night! I think we're down to 1 feeding at night YAY! I'm hoping you'll take the hint from your brother that its ok to sleep all the way through the night you know :)

Daddy and I always like to go out to eat, but I have to say...packing up stuff for the two of you is EXHAUSTING! We just remind ourselves that its only temporary and soon right before our eyes you will already be so grown up :(. Speaking of...that moment we first held you little peanut...we forgot JUST how little you new babies are! It just melts our heart :)

We can't wait to see the little man that you are becoming! We love you SO SO much Brody!


Mommy & Daddy






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