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January 11, 2013

Month 9 - 3/4 of a Year!


My how you just continue to make our hearts grow :) Typically I wouldn't write this blog until next month, but I'm trying this new "proactive" thing considering I will need to use it more once your little brother comes along :)

This month was FULL of fun! Not only did you have 3 WHOLE Christmas celebrations and sit on Santa's lap 4 times, you were spoiled with fun and gifts from everyone who loves you! On Christmas morning your daddy and I made sure to make it a special one so we got a video camera...and although you really had NO clue what was going on, we look forward to seeing the magic of Christmas in your eyes on that thing every year! Santa brought you a Sing-a-long Train to help you learn to walk and a four-wheeler! I think your dad put in a good word about the four wheeler HA! You got some new bath toys that you ALWAYS suck on when your in the tub and the movie Nemo and a little Nemo stuffy. Your eyes just light UP and you have this HUGE smile on your face when you see him! SO cute :)




I think you're really getting sick of the baby food these days, which puts your mom "the horrible chef" to test now with what to feed you! You love anything finger food. You've tried just about everything these days and I'm pretty sure you hate those baby food green beans we've been trying to get you to eat, so we've had to stick with the sweet potatoes and mixed veggies for your vegetables. You LOVE fruit and anything sweet (sorry...I think you got that from me!) Speaking of...here are 2 funny pictures of you trying your very first brownie that your daddy made. That's right, Daddy CAN bake :) I just love your face after we put it in your mouth, you can tell it was heaven and you enjoyed every second of it!

Bite going in...

You are such a growing boy...I'll have to probably update your stats after we go to the doc on Monday (it's Friday morning), but I'm guessing your around a 22-23 pounder :) That's a BIG turkey!

You are SO lucky to have so many wonderful people in your life who just adore you like your aunt Jessica. Although she isn't your aunt by blood...she may as well be as much as she loves you! She took you on your first excursion to the Butterfly Pavilions Holiday Lights extravaganza! You didn't quite know what to think, but when you saw "nemo" you couldn't take your eyes off of him haha! You were glued to the glass of the fish tank! I think we'll have to go back there when it is brighter in the day so you can actually see all the butterflies though. Your aunt Jessica insisted you read her favorite book "There was an old lady...who swallowed a fly, I don't know whyyyy she swallowed that fly" (singing in Jessica's voice). It is so much fun to see you start to interact with the rest of the world, whether it be you discovering a new look, sense, taste or interacting with people.


You have STILL not said "mama" but continue to say "dada" to everything! Lots of "oohs and ahhs" but no real words just yet! You know who Wendy is and who dada is and the second I walk in the door you are running to me which MAKES my day :) You want to hold your "baba" on your own now and are perfecting the one hander hold HA! You love crawling all down the hall way and going to the landing at the bottom of the stairs and you're learning to master the stairs but coming back down is a little scary! You are fascinated with the bathroom and the toilet paper hehe! You LOVE your new daycare, which is SUCH a relief considering it was just as hard to drop you off at a second place as it was the first!

We love you so much and never knew a love and joy like this!

~Mmmmmmamma and Dadda!

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  1. Love the pictures, especially the first one - Peek a Boo!