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March 11, 2013

Brody's Nursery - Bringing Vintage Baseball Back

I have been TRYING to keep this little nursery a secret until it was totally finished...which it is still YET to be completely done (I just have a few little touchups to finish), but I LOVE the way this turned out. Dustin kept complaining how he didn't have much say in Blake's nursery so he probably wouldn't have much of a say in Brody's either. WELL I wanted this to be geared more towards Dustin's love of baseball and mine too! Besides... after having 2 little ones so close together, the last thing I wanted was a really baby baby nursery simply for the fact of having to update it later.

Hope you enjoy! Most of the elements in this room were handmade or refinished with the help of some VERY dear friends! Thank you to Joe & Charlene Johnson for painting and installing the wainescoting...Jessica B for all your help with the crib, the dresser, designing the room etc...and Jessica's family friend for making the benchseat cushion! It added JUST the extra touch to the room :)

The room looks COMPLETELY different with the wainescoting. We ended up saving a few extra dollars by not placing the flat boards behind the vertical boards. 

This crib was given, yes GIVEN, to us by a generous familiy who heard that we were having "Irish twins" and thought we could use it more. It was originally an off-white color and was very girly, but with a good coat of gray paint, it fits in perfectly!! I just love the way it turned out! I found the crib bedding on Etsy by Sweet Dreams Bedding. Kelly had made a similar set previously and that is where I found my inspiration for the vintage baseball theme.

I found the name decal on Etsy as well by Bwordy. They originally had some other stuff around the name, but they were able to customize it to what I was looking for. I LOVE it against the blue wall!

The dresser was found at the Arc thrift store. It was a heinous shiny black paint. It also came with a mirror but I let them keep it :) I wanted something that looked like a locker of some sort so Jessica and I came up with the painted numbers on the drawers. It really adds that extra touch!

The baseball mobile was an idea I found online, but they were selling for $80!! I was able to make this from 2 mini bats at Sports Authority and the balls from Party City for MAYBE $15!! LOVE the way it turned out :)

The little diaper cover and hat were handmade by another shop on Esty, Mad Hatter Knits Co., who also made Blake's newborn sock monkey outfit as well!

These book cases I found from Ikea, they are the Expedit book case. I saw an idea to lay one down the long way and put the others on top vertically. It JUST so happened that they fit PERFECTLY around the window :) Lots of storage and also room for some untouchables to put towards the top! 

I learned that Hobby Lobby is DEFINITELY the place to find vintage baseball accessories!

Window seat cushion made by a dear friend! It just warmed up the room by adding an extra place to sit, or for Blake to pound on :)

Love the red chevron print throughout the room!

Here is a mostly complete final picture of the room! The only thing I have left is to hang up some paper lantern baseballs and red pom poms in place of a mobile. I found with Blake that he just rips the thing off the crib :) 

Hopefully Brody will like his room as much as his mommy does :) Dustin is constantly saying that Blake is going to be sad he didn't as "cool" of a room when he was a baby :) Trying to keep the siblings equal, we actually spent about the same dollar amounts between remodeling both nurseries, but with Brody's it helped immensely having been given the crib of course. 


  1. What color blue did you use if you don't mind me asking. I love it. Love your baseball room!

  2. DO you have a tutorial how you made your mobile

  3. Hello! I am going to be making a similar baseball mobile for our son's nursery and I am just wondering how you attached the two bats together? I would love to know. Thank you!


    Amy Biddy