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October 22, 2015

Baby #3 Confetti Gender Reveal!

It has only taken me 3 months and the last week of my maternity leave to try and get things done that I wanted done...like writing about baby #3's gender reveal party! As you know, for Blake's birthday party we had extra special guests in town (Gigi & DD) so we decided to double up his party as a gender reveal/birthday party! It was a blast to share in the excitement with everyone else and not to mention the outcome this time was VERY surprising ;)

I wanted something slightly unique to all other gender parties, so we skipped the balloon or cake reveals and went to the confetti. YES our house was a disaster after, but seeing the fun filled room was worth every last bit of tissue paper. I ordered the adorable confetti poppers through Etsy and passed them out to just about everyone at the party. After several arguments on the best way to pop the confetti we all agreed on a 1.2.3 GO approach :) Check out the video  HERE..its pretty fun!

The only regret I have is NOT doing this same thing for the boys... what a fun way to be excited regardless of what gender it may be. 

Hint: Scroll through quickly to see the reveal in action ;)

Can you even believe it?! We were blessed with a little girl!! We were OBVIOUSLY over the moon :)

Special thank you to everyone that was able to come to make it a special day for us! Only a few short/LONG summer months until she is here!

Mitchell's + 1 girl!

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