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October 22, 2015

Mitchell Baby Girl Nursery - Shabby Chic

So for the boys I did updates on the nurseries...this is seriously the part that I die for! I LOVE being creative (finding ideas on pinterest) for the nursery design. Special thanks to aunt Jessica for bringing it all together for me and B3!

We went for an overall very girly look... shabby chic is what I like to call it. We repurposed the crib that I splurged on for Blake when he was born...and the teal dresser.

Couple of things...

1. The art work was all found out of a kit that Hobby Lobby sells where there are coordinating collage pieces. We just added the frames...how neat is that!

2. That B I found in a cute little boutique shop in Estes Park. Initially the colors were going to be teal and coral and gray, but I couldn't find bedding coordinating with coral for less than $500, so we went with more of a girly bright pink. The "B" is actually coral, but it still jives!

3. LOVE the basket ideas... 1 is for diapers and the other is for hair bands...both will get a LOT of use while leaving the top of the dresser clutter free!

4. The bedskirt... I looked EVERYWHERE for a tiered bedskirt and the only place I could find one decently priced was Etsy until we stumbled upon this little gem at Target! $20... best.money.spent. You see... as I have gone through the 3 nurseries I have realized that crib bumpers are a WASTE...but you can't find many sets without them. While they look adorable on the crib, they are not realistic as you have to remove them to clean the sheets and they pose a hazard if the baby bumps up against them while sleeping. I opted for 0 crib numbers this time around and LOVE it!

I just LOVE the way this nursery turned out... overall this nursery was done on a budget of no more than $300...granted I already had the crib and the dresser so that helped ;)

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