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December 31, 2010

Second Look in the 2010 Book

Many many memories we’re made in 2010 and although I can hardly believe the year is already over, I am really looking forward to 2011!

{ Favorite moments}
*Amazing trip to Mexico & the crazy antics that came a long with it…who knew I would hate Tequila when I arrived back in the States

*Witnessing a beatiful marriage of my cousin Leah and her new husband Brian in Philedelphia

*Visiting my Grandma in good ole Iowa and taking in once again the “Farm Festival”  (hard to believe it could always be one of the last memories I have with her)

* Hosting family for the first time at our new home when the Mitchell’s went on their cross country BMW bike tour!

*Having spent 1 whole year with D already… now THAT I can hardly believe (not because I didn’t think we would, but because the wedding planning was officially over)

Mostly being thankful to God for my amazing family and friends (Wendybird TOO!) and all the good fortunes He has brought me!

Here’s to an even sweeter 2011! Happy New Year!

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