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December 20, 2011

Happy 23'rd Week Birthday Mini Mitch!!

So now that we officially know it's a BOY, I've been able to start getting some things together for this little man's room! Here is a picture of the nursery bedding...I think we're going to go with an alphabet theme :) Still haven't decided on paint colors (waiting for the bedding to actually come in) but I think it will be awesome!


I love the lighter blue mixed with all of the different colors! I'm hoping to put one of these awesome trees on the wall too!

So while that has been in the works, I've just been waiting...sitting...to start feeling the little guy! The doctor said its possible I haven't felt him yet because the placenta is right in front shielding me from his karate moves :). Well last night, we had quite a few firsts... went to the hospital and did our tour. Its all still been somewhat surreal until we walked in the labor/delivery area at Sky Ridge and saw the little babies...I couldn't help but picture us when we will be there... and as a typical pregnant woman I was emotional haha. Dustin doesn't understand why I get so emotional, but I just tell him its part of the "process" HAHA!

So when we came  home to relax last night, all the sudden mini was doing FLIPS in there! People tell me its like butterflies, but I wouldn't necessarily agree. At first its like your tummy gurgling like if you're hungry... I have to make sure I distinguish the two or else I'll really be in trouble :) Then as I was sitting in the chair, I saw my tummy jolt. It was truly one of the most amazing feelings I have ever felt. To KNOW....to FEEL that little guy inside of me was just a miracle! Just in time for Christmas and Mini's 23'rd week birthday, we both got to feel something special :)

Merry Christmass to all of you from the Mitchell's... I love this card for the saying on it "Believe in Love, in Faith, in Miracles"...that is EXACTLY what life is all about my friends!

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