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January 2, 2012

Time is Ticking Away...

Happy New Year to everyone! New Year's is a bit different to celebrate when you're pregnant... I didn't make it past 10! I figure it's New Year's SOMEwhere. To celebrate, we went to the gym...yes the gym! Call us crazy, but we were thinking of things to do and well that just sounded appealing to us for some odd reason...considering they haven't seen my face in like 2+ months HA! Hope you all celebrated New Year's in your own unique fun way!

It feels like yesterday...this time last year when we were thinking....contemplating...on what to do next with expanding our family! I am SO thankful for what this year has brought and the many more exciting things to come!

+1 to the Mitchell family


Family & Friends

Good health

And most importantly Faith... faith that "everything will be OK" as Dustin would say :)

We didn't waste ANY time getting our things put away from Christmas... I always LOVE getting back to the "norm". The norm lately means we have been preparing for what's to come next!

So we have...
Started refinishing a dresser/changing table for the nursery... I'm not sure if I'm the idiot that bought the dumb thing for a project or if the person before me was an even bigger idiot for painting over STICKERS! It has definitely been a challenge, but I'm excited to see how it will turn out in the end!

We also got mini's (yes it's true...we still don't have a name decided on just yet!) bedding in, and I LOVE the colors and the look/feel to it!

Last weekend, the day after Christmas we registered for mini! That was a blast but certainly overwhelming... I mean how do you KNOW what kind of nipples to buy for bottles...how MANY bottles you need... what kind of stroller he will like... and what kind of cool bibs he will want to wear (ok...he may not have a clue on that one HA!). We somehow managed to get through it all and I think it was a success! I've had to go back and check our registry a couple of times just to remind myself of what all we've purchased!

Although, I feel like we've accomplished so much already, I can't help but be overwhelmed with what is left to do... birthing class...getting Mini's room painted and put together... taking time for D and me BEFORE he comes... just so much to do!

One step at a time... Here's wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!


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