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December 5, 2011

Its about Time!!

At first I was all super excited to get started on a blog, that I had intended on creating on a more regular basis then say...ummm 8 months or so?? But... as with other people, we've been busy! So to get back on track, I'll catch you up with short (well kinda) timeline. Hoping to use this to keep everyone in the loop with our next moves!

This year has been full of hope, doubts, frustration, excitement, and most importantly life. Follow through our journey...

November 2010 - March 2011: We took the first step in deciding to expand the Mitchell family... to our suprise, it wasn't as easy as we had all once thought it would be. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) in January.  Basically, this means that I ovulate infrequently, it is typically a challenge to get pregnant and so we had to start thinking of the next steps.

March - May: We tried desperately to try and try and try with the help of clomid...timing...all those old tricks, but nothing seemed to work. The first part of the year, could very well be why I didn't blog as much. I was becoming depressed, concerned we would NEVER have children, and overall just disappointed. Dustin was such a good supporter and continued to tell me in his normal Dustin (Foghorn) fashion "everything will be alright!! I promise!" and I just continued to believe him.

July 1 - We had our first meeting with a doctor at Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM). They were incredibly helpful, and although I could tell Dustin dreaded it, they put us through a whole slew of tests to make sure we're identifying the right problem! Dustin was proud to report that he was NOT the issue HAHA! Which just made me even more disappointed, but happy it wasn't both of us! The next step was to do an Intra Uterine Insemination (they harvest the sperm from you know who, then implant it into my uterus at the exact time of ovulation). This can get tricky with schedules, and especially since I didn't ovulate regularly. So our plan was to wait and wait and wait till my next cycle....

Mid August  - We continued waiting, I was getting impatient...calling my doctor asking if we can just bring this thing ON! To my avail... no one was interested in speeding things along...so we were back to waiting. Later on the week of the 20th or so, I wasn't feeling so hot "down there" so I went to the doctor. They KNEW we were trying so hard to get pregnant, so before giving out any sort of anti-biotics... they insisted on a pregnancy test. In my mind I'm thinking NO way, but secretly I'm thinking...what if!?

Sure enough, the test came back positive...I had ran to the doctor on my lunch hour, Dustin wasn't even with me! I was so excited that I immediately started crying, my doctor and the nurse we're SO happy for us! They initially thought I was 10 weeks along, so they gave me my first ultrasound and immediately I saw for my very own eyes Mini Mitch :)

Sorry for the long post... the rest won't be nearly as exhausting to read :)

Currently I am 21 weeks pregnant, healthy and well tomorrow is the BIG day we find out the gender...what do you think it will be???

This was mini around 12 weeks...sorry for the old pictures, I will put up the new ultrasounds tomorrow! You can see it's spine and its head is facing downward...check out those alien eyes in the bottom pic!

Not a very big bump yet...this was around 17 weeks. Definitely feel like I'm getting bigger by the day. 

Stay Tuned!


  1. Cutest pregnant girl in the world :) The smile on your face says it all. I'm so happy for both of you, what a journey! This child is so blessed to have two parents who fought for him and her with all of their might!

  2. What an incredible journey the two of you have been on. Baby Mitchell is so blessed to have you as parents. Congratulations to the start of an amazing family. Can't wait to hear what you are having :). Love you guys.

    Jen Landini

  3. I love you my sister! I had seen your up and down struggles with not being able to get prego. It broke my hart to hear how sad you were. I know the preashures of me asking why you were not drinking and sugesting that you might be prego all the time could have been sucky for you and for that I am sorry..... But I am just so darn excited to have a baby without having it :) I can not wait to spoil my litle one! eeeeeee I'll be the coolist aunt ever! lol and well its only one :) for now. I love you guys and im so happy you have everything you could possibly want!

  4. Im so happy for you both. I know how hard this journey is and you are one of the very blessed ones to get preggo by surprise. I can't believe you already know if it is a boy or girl (but have yet to share it with us!). I think it is a boy. Send some baby dust my way you lucky girl! Congrats!!! Cant wait to meet mini mitch!
    Sarah Bambur