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January 15, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have to Give Kuddos!

Ever done something you were super proud of??? I've been starting to get interested in the furniture re-finishing hobby and find myself more and more impressed with myself each time I finish something new!

Here is my very first wood refinishing project...courtesy of my aunt Anita! Thanks for remodeling your mantle so we could have your old one!

First of all we didn't have a mantle when we moved into our home...it made the fireplace look SUPER bare! All I did was sand this sucker down, take out the nails/staples, restain it the same color as our wood flooring and voila! this is the finished product, hung by my lovely husband D. This was this Christmas...like the VT and Rams stocking hats??

The next project I tackled was the kitchen table my parents had so it would better fit the needs of our house. Most of our furniture is darker and well while this table is great just the way it is, it matched almost exactly the color of our floors. We needed some contrast. Here is the before picture:

See what I mean?? It just need a little something extra...so I sanded the base down and bought new black chairs... here is the finished product! It makes SUCH a difference...left the top of the table the same color for a little more contrast :)

My most recent project... courtesy of the up and coming Blake Thompson Mitchell (a.k.a. Mini Mitch and YES we finally picked out a name!)... I promise to post more pictures once the nursery is complete, but here is the newly refinished dresser and fresh paint on the walls! The wall color is a light gray and then the wall where the dresser will go, is striped with gray and a grayish cream color. Very subtle, clean, and most importantly not SUPER masculine but definitely NOT feminine. Sorry I don't have any before pictures, but just picture a blank white room... with a dog kennel in it and thats IT. So here you go :)

Dresser BEFORE

Dresser AFTER! Don't you LOVE the color?? It matches the darker teal color in the comforter of the bedding below. So...this was a REAL project. This dresser is OLD... it smelled old for sure! So the person before the person I bought it from on Craigslist decided to put stickers all over it...but thats not it...then they painted OVER the stickers! I love the lines on the dresser, but seriously this one was a challenge! Can you see where the stickers were??

See the striped walls in the background??

These are the super cute drawer pulls Jessica helped me pick out from Hobby Lobby (half off not to mention!)

The dresser color matches the color of the whale and the blue dot in the right hand corner.

More to come on Blake's room!


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