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April 20, 2012

2 Week (almost) Appointment

B-man is doing GREAT! He had his 2 week doctors appointment (although he's only 10 days old). He is in the 50th and 55th percentile for height and weight, right down the middle so that's good considering we thought this was going to be a toddler walking out of me when he was born :) I must have just been carrying him in a weird way or something that made him seem larger than he really was.

We are slowly getting into some sort of a routine...lets just say the little guy sleeps for about 3-4 hours...poops once a day or so and then pees at every feeding :) Which is normal...meaning that we go through at least 6-8 diapers a day and most days closer to 10 because the little guy likes to pee right after you put a new one on :) We're quickly learning just how expensive this little man is, but worth EVERY penny!

We had his newborn photo shoot yesterday... and OH my goodness what a cutie he is... I know I'm biased people, but seriously he is irrresistable! Here are a few that I got on my phone while Bryndi (with Brynmarae Photography...she does a GREAT job!) took her pics. I grabbed my phone (trust me, this is no profressional quality here!) at the end so these are all of him sleeping, but there are more that will be up to look at in a couple weeks or so. Enjoy!

The story behind the sock monkey outfit is that D used to have a sock monkey of his own, in fact I believe his mom still has it and he is too embarassed to ask her for it so he could be comforted through the nights here in Denver, and well I saw this adorable outfit on Pinterest and just loved the whole sock monkey thing. I LOVE the way they turned out!

This is my fav of the ones I took... I'm sure I'm going to LOVE all the others from Bryn!

Proud Daddy! Doesn't D look scared?? haha He was! He was terrifed he was going to hurt the little guy.  I also love how Blake has his little toes curled up on D's arm... so adorable!

You see...what Blake doesn't know is that I've secretly already planned to black mail him with these photos in his senior yearbook in high school...you know the ones they have parents send in for the whole  HS to see?? yeah... I've already plotted that :)

We will keep everyone posted of any new things with Blake...even if its his first booger... laugh...giggle... etc :) 

Much love 

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  1. Oh goodness! These are adorable and so is your little boy! I love, love love that sock monkey outfit and will have to steal the idea when we have little babes of our own. :-)

    I cannot wait to see the professional photos! If he is this cute out of a phone, I can't imagine how adorable he will be from a lens <3

    PS, D looks so in love with little Blake! I love it!