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April 24, 2012

Two Weeks Already??

I hear mothers say ALL the time, "cherish every moment because it goes way too fast", and man are they right! I can't believe he is already 14 days/2 weeks/one half of a month old!? How can that be?? It was just yesterday that we were the completely inexperienced parents (trust me, we're definitely not professionals now!) holding a little 8lb miracle!

As you all were aware of our first week fiasco, as we'll call it, the second week has seemed to go by somewhat better and less eventful. Although our sleep is still very much deprived, we're enjoying spending more and more time with "awake Blake" :) It is fun seeing him learn to look at things... supposedly he can only see things anywhere from 12-18 inches from his face :) This makes feeding time so much fun! While this is a lot of fun...he is definitely a growing boy! He is already at 4 ounces per feeding (every 3 hours) and as of lately sometimes we'll think 4 ounces is enough and then an hour later he is STILL hungry! I think we may have a monster on our hands that is definitely going to give us a run for our money :)

Not too many stories of interest in the last week other than his belly button falling off! When we went to his little check up, it wasn't looking like it was coming off anytime soon. So the PA went ahead and put a drying agent on it to assist in it falling off.

The very next night, it was D's turn for the 4am feeding... he comes rushing into our room as I'm TRYING to catch what few Z's I can... and he says "babe! what do I do with his belly button??" Thinking to myself..."nothing... you just leave it till it falls off now let me sleep!!"

When I got into the room he pulls away his little sleeper on his leg and there lies the "belly button" HAHA! he says "no...like what do I do with this?!" I quickly grabbed a wipe on the changing table... picked it up off of little Blake's tiny leg, and tossed it in the trash. He looks at me like "how am I supposed to know what to do!?" haha Not that I know what to do at all either... but it definitely cracks me up how D gets caught up in these little small things. Lets just say that we are NOT keeping the belly button for his shadow box of "firsts"!

Happy 2 week birthday sweet little lion!

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